Superbook Review offers players a casino and poker but mainly focuses on sports betting. A wide variety of sports betting options are offered on including horse racing.

Many tools are available on the web site to benefit horse bettors like profitable angles reports, daily analysis, articles, racing dates and more.

The upcoming Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse racing event of the year and the tools available on make it a great option for wagering on the Kentucky Derby.

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There are several tools available on to help keep horse bettors informed. These tools can be particularly useful with the approaching Kentucky Derby to help bettors pick horses, trainers and betting options.

The Kentucky Derby is the biggest horse race of the year and includes the most talented horses and trainers. provides extensive information on the horses and trainers expected to participate in the Kentucky Derby to help bettors make the best wagers possible. The tools offered on include:

Profitable Angles
Daily Analysis
Track Listing
Racing Dates

Profitable angles reports provide information on trainers’ past performances to help bettors rate their potential under specific conditions. These reports can be useful for making informed bets on all races including the Kentucky Derby.’s daily analysis and articles sections contain breaking stories from news sources on horses, trainers and races. This is beneficial for seasoned horse bettors who want all the inside information they can find.’s tutorial is impressive and perfect for horse betting beginners. The interactive tutorial takes viewers step-by-step through the process of selecting a track and placing bets with also contains a comprehensive listing of U.S. horse tracks in the tools section. There are schedules of races organized by date and by the track at which they are held. All of the tools offered can be major assets for horse betters preparing for upcoming races like the Kentucky Derby.

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Kentucky Derby Betting at Superbook is a good resource for both learning about and betting on the Kentucky Derby. There are many resources for beginners such as the interactive tutorial to learn about horse betting before placing wagers. At the same time’s tools section contains all the angles reports and daily analysis an experienced horse bettor could want to make informed wagers. All the tools, resources and betting options combine to make a great web site to wager on the Kentucky Derby.

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