Kentucky Derby Picks

The Kentucky Derby, also known as the “Run for the Roses,” has been around since 1875. Every first Saturday in May some of the best horse racers and horses in the world arrive in Louisville, Kentucky to compete in hopes of being crowned with the coveted collar of roses. This site will hopefully give you some insight on upcoming Kentucky Derby picks and where to bet the race online.

This monumental event is just step one in a series of three horse races known as the Triple Crown, and most agree that it is the best race in the series. By placing a bet on your top pick here at you can join in the “most exciting two minutes in sports.”

Expert Picks

Even if you do not make it to see the race live, Kentucky Derby Picks is able to provide you with the same exciting experience. Here we offer the top picks, key information about the participants, and even betting strategies to help you win big. We also offer complete coverage of live horse racing and betting online.  The betting tips we offer on win, place, show, exacta, and trifecta bets are second to none.

The Kentucky Derby’s official site gives you all the best picks for this year’s race which are determined and updated based on how the horses run in preliminary races. will be updating the top picks constantly up until May 1st. Here are a few of this year’s top picks.

Bettors who look to bet the Derby should start making deposits on sites like Twinspires and now as US deposits are still accepted.

Remember to check out the 2012 LIVE Derby Odds Ticker to bet on all of the updated top picks.  Most poker sites also offer separate betting areas that you can wager on this race, so don’t forget to keep up on those legal websites or visit this site here for more information on playing poker online.

Note: You are able to place a bet on the Experts’ picks offered here or your own pick today. The official Racebooks for horse racing and derby are Bodog/Bovada or TwinSpires – the official Racebooks for Horse Racing and Derby Betting (especially in the United States).  Reviews for all our Derby sportsbooks can be found all over the site, so don’t be afraid to check out our analysis of each before you sign up.

Choose Your Horses and Your Sportsbook

Select your top Kentucky Derby Picks to get in on the action. Visit MyBookie which is one of the best sportsbooks for live and up-to-the moment Derby action to place your bets. As May 7th gets closer, the Kentucky Derby betting gets more exciting. Join the thrill of the “Run for the Roses” and make your wagers today!  Millions of dollars worldwide change hands during these exhilarating 2 minutes – why shouldn’t you get YOUR piece?

Choose Your Favorite Horses and Sportsbook

The only way you can start winning is by making some Derby picks of your own. Once you select your favorite choices head over to one of the leading sportsbooks and place your wager. Every year the Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest events that people bet on, and millions of dollars are exchanged over a race that lasts only 2 minutes. May 5th isn’t too far away and it is never too early to begin thinking about and following your picks as they prepare for the Derby.

Betting at the Kentucky Derby

Since its inception the Kentucky Derby has gone hand in hand with horse betting. The way people bet on this particular event is based on a pari-mutuel wagering system. This system works where all the money that is wagered is placed into a large prize pool, once all is said and done, the reward for the race’s winner, taxes, and operator’s fee are removed from the pool. The remaining cash is what is divvied out amongst the winning bettors.

The odds that determine just how much you are able to win on a particular bet are determined by computers that are located at the Churchill Downs, where the race is held. These odds are updated all the time and are posted online and at the track prior to the actual race. The Kentucky Derby is more popular than most any other horse race because it pays out more cash than any other race during the year. Since it is so heavily televised, thousands of bettors see the fate of their bet happen in front of their eyes in just a matter of seconds; it is truly an exciting experience.

Betting On Other Sports

Besides horse racing, there is a lot more when it comes to sports betting. The recent boom of online sportsbooks has allowed bettors to participate in all sorts of sports betting around the world. Nowadays, you can bet on basketball, soccer, baseball, Formula one and NFL football. In the US, NFL football is the most popular professional sport to bet on. If you want to learn more about how to bet on NFL football you should read the Pro Football Betting Guide.

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