PlayersOnly Sportsbook Review

PlayersOnly offers a wide variety of gaming options including poker, casino games, horse racing and sports betting. Horse racing fans are provided with betting at over 90 horse tracks making it an ideal online sportsbook for seasoned horse bettors.

There is also valuable betting information and breaking news to help beginners and experienced bettors alike make intelligent and informed wagers. The extensive horse racing information available on PlayersOnly make it a great option for wagering on the Kentucky Derby.

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PlayersOnly Horse Betting

The approaching Kentucky Derby is the largest horse race of the year and a great opportunity for bettors to try their luck. The Kentucky Derby has a rich history and has always been popular with bettors since its 19th century inception. PlayersOnly will be providing all kinds of betting options for horse racing fans looking to wager on the 2010 Kentucky Derby.

A wealth of horse betting information is available on the PlayersOnly web site for bettors interested in wagering strategically. Information is provided on horse trainers like their winning percentage, number of races and ROI. These trainer angle reports include dozens of horses and trainers.

The rules of horse race betting are easily accessible and provide bettors with simple guidelines regarding matchups, scratches, track limits, payout rules and more.PlayersOnly has a small library of articles with breaking stories on popular horses and recent races. Keeping well informed and up to date on horses and their trainers is particularly important for big events like the Kentucky Derby.

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Types of Wagers

PlayersOnly provides extensive information on the kinds of horseracing bets, odds and bet limits offered. Bettors are presented with several wagering options on PlayersOnly and the following bets are available during all horse races including the Kentucky Derby:

Straight Bets
Daily Double
Pick 3
Place Bets
Show Bets

The Kentucky Derby attracts many bettors who don’t normally participate in horse betting. PlayersOnly offers several betting options that are particularly good for those unfamiliar with horseracing. Straight bets are the simplest and most popular bets. They are wagers placed on a single horse that win if the horse comes in first place.

Place bets are another simple kind of wager that can be attractive to beginners. Place bets win if the chosen horse comes in first or second place. Many more betting options are available on PlayersOnly for wagering on the Kentucky Derby and extensive explanations are provided on the web site. PlayersOnly has recently moved its downloadable software such as the poker room over to the Merge Network, where it will reside along a great network of sites – including Carbon Poker, which offers a pretty nice bonus of $600.

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